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Frustrated about something? This might help :)

Photo by Ryan Franco on Unsplash

Get a puppy and ice cream. Boom! Life is not so bad, is it?

I mean that’s not really gonna solve any problems, but if you decide to get a puppy, don’t forget to send me pics.

Although I’m trying to be that smart and calm person who always tackles any problems I have with a positive attitude and believes things will turn out the way they should be if I have good intentions, I’m far from being perfect at that. Often I get disappointed, sad, grumpy, and frustrated. Sometimes, things just don’t fall into the places I want them to be and getting ice cream helps for only a few hours (but never really solves anything).

As I keep getting those feelings, whether it’s from a bad day at work, seeing people use an excessive amount of plastic without caring, or not being able to decide what to eat that day, I try to work on getting better at dealing with them. Here are a few things that I would like to share with you. Hoping it might help make your day a little better 🙂

Don’t turn to social media

What I discovered about social media is, it never makes me feel better. Each social media has its own unique feature that will make my frustration a little worse. Short-form content on social media is often shared without being carefully considered by the creator. And that is not what I need when I’m having my not-so-great emotions. Try reading a book, inspirational blog post, or even just cut off your content consumption and talk to a real person. Those things always make me feel better or at least help me work through the issues that I’m having.

Never downplay your emotions

Do you like it when you tell your problem to someone and they say it’s nothing and that you are overthinking it? Not so much, right? So never do that to yourself. Your thoughts and feelings are the most important things that need the most attention. Instead of trying to avoid those emotions or make them go away, I always try to process and understand them. Sometimes, I do it in my own head by really digging into all those emotions and thinking it through. A lot of times, I talk about them openly with the people I trust. I believe that your emotions are just like any other problems in the world, if you understand and process them well, you can make them better.

Do something

If you don’t like the people you hang out with, stop hanging out with them. If you miss someone, call or message. If you hate your career, form a plan to change it. I’m not saying that being spontaneous is great or you should quit your job today. But from what I’ve experienced, whenever I’m frustrated with something, complaining about it makes zero impact. But I always feel better when I do something about it, or at least have a plan to be a little closer to where I wanna be. It almost feels like I’m empowering myself to be in control of my own situation and most of the time, the situation does change.

I’m really not trying to tell you about your life. Trust me, I haven’t figured out mine. But these are a few things that I have done myself and found that help. I, of course, have also gotten a cone of ice cream as a frustration-relieving hack countless times 🙂

I’m really interested to hear about how you deal with your frustration. So feel free to reach out if you wanna share your stories, or even just to talk. ❤

Written by
Chalakorn Berg
Chalakorn Berg